Return of the Reboots


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Reboots have been around since basically the start of entertainment, from TV shows, to movies, to comics and finally, even video games.

The debate of reboots is that sometimes they do a good job and other times not so much.

As of recently there has been a lot of Disney movies transforming from cartoons to live action, a classic movie revised into the mainstream.

Obsessed fans often times demand more, which leads to the birth of reboots.

Directors might even feel the need to bring back old fan favorites.

This choice of reboots can either be to make profit or reel in new fans.

An example of a reboot would be Riverdale, as it uses characters based off the Archies Comics but yet has a completely different plotline.

The issue with some reboots is the production of it is often times take place in a different era.

Most recently Doctor Who has added a woman as the new portrayal of the doctor’s vessel. Some fans were upset with the fact that the show is adapting into the views of today, instead of its traditional ways.

Despite the reputation that reboots might carry, good or bad, that reputation still catches the attention of viewers.

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