I’m Sick of Christmas


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It feels like every year, Christmas season is being pushed earlier and earlier by businesses. Over the radio, through shop windows, and television screens.  The relentless corporations are taking Christmas “spirit” and shoving it deep down our throats, attempting to take our money on the way out. It’s disgusting and so very exhausting.

Thanksgiving hadn’t even passed yet when I first started hearing Christmas music on the radio. Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas music, but there are a few problematic things with it being played so early. First of all, during the week of Thanksgiving, I’m in Thanksgiving mode, not Christmas mode. I don’t want to be thinking about gift-giving and Jesus’ birth; that stuff is a month away. Let me focus on stuffing my face and being thankful. Having all the Christmas stuff  pushed so early kills my Thanksgiving vibes. On top of this, having a whole straight month of Christmas music is tiring. I like Christmas music, but there isn’t a whole lot of variety, which would be fine if radio stations didn’t start playing it as early as before Thanksgiving. Hearing the same stupid songs for over four weeks makes them incredibly unenjoyable, and by the time Christmas rolls around, I’m already sick of it.

What makes all this worse is the sinister intentions behind all of it. The corporate pigs have Christmas season start early so that people buy all their Christmas gifts earlier, and when Christmas comes around, these people are more likely to go ahead and buy some more Christmas stuff anyways. It’s an evil, greedy practice that we ought to protest and hopefully put an end to.

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