PSA To Freshmen’s: Live A Little!


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It seems recently a lot of changes have been made in the 2018-2019 school year. This might seem a bit unfair to seniors, as they’ve been around a lot longer than the freshman. Incoming freshman experience the new changes for the first time, and have no prior knowledge about the previous years. Which is great, but for us seniors this is our last year and will be our first and last time to experience the new events and changes. The first ever homecoming happened this year, why was there not one since my freshman year? It also seems that school spirit has not been as alive this year as freshman seem to have an “I don’t care” attitude about most things.

Seniors eagerly have been trying their best to be involved with games, dances, dress up days, and most school events. It seems as more incoming students come in year after year they seem to lose the motivation for school and school spirit. But hey, who am I to know? This is just what it seems on a bigger scale. It seems freshman are quick to call some things lame or not even give it a chance. And for the very few freshman that do participate and give things a chance, this is not at all for you. In fact, good for you being involved.

As for the rest of you, what’s up? I just want to know why you act as if everything is too cool for you? Or as if you don’t have an interest in anything? Live a little.

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