Dueling Pianos


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On November 29, Long Beach Poly’s Advanced 3-8 Piano class had a recital. The performances were from 6:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m in the auditorium. The students performed in duets with songs that each person and their partner picked. Freshman Andres Flores played “Habanera” with his partner Nicolaniello Buono, also a ninth grader.

Although he would have performed any other song chosen, Flores felt a comfort with this particular one.

“I picked the song because it sounded familiar,” Flores said. “I feel like I could have played a little more accurately.”

Freshman Daniel Garcia Hernandez and his partner, senior Kayshawn Soung, performed “Village Dance.”  Hernandez  described the challenges of playing with partner: “A duet you have to know you can rely on each other and you have to practice with each other or else it is going to sound kind of weird or off. A solo you really have to think about it for yourself.”

Sophomore Makayla Roberts performed “Go Tell It On The Mountains” with her partner Julia Gustafson, Poly’s piano teacher. Roberts has been playing piano for about a year.

There was no specific theme in this recital, however, there will be another recital on December 20, 2018 and the theme is Christmas music. For this recital different students will be performing, but only in the advanced class and some students from the November recital will be performing again. The recital will be at Poly in the auditorium, starting at 6:30 p.m. and will last for an hour. It is a free recital and everyone is welcome.

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