Poly V. Westchester

On Friday, November 30 at Westchester High School.They began their season off with winning 2nd in the Westchester tournament One of the starting five, Malik Salahuddin, does an amazing job in the Westchester tournament. His progress this year has been consistent, managing an average of 15 or more points a game so far. Malik thanks, “the team [and] without this great team…. I wouldn’t be as great as I am today.”  

This tournament was a gateway for opportunity and success for the seniors, as they continue their basketball careers in college or travel ball. The Westchester tournament, Peyton Watson and Malik Salahuddin had offensive and defensive plays. They dominated their drive-ins and made effective passes in the game.

The ball movement was sufficient for the win of the games; although they did not win semi-finals, the team did not let that get them down. They struggled, playing against them. The other team had more dominance in offense against the Jackrabbit’s defense. If the defense was more intact, the plays from the other team would have not been as successful.

As the boys continued the start of their season with their first game against Cabrillo in the Bosco tournament. The game was a blow-out. The Jackrabbits won by 48 points; 108-60. Giordan Williams amazingly, came down with a slam dunk during the second court and crowd was wild. He has played with confidence, and has received 5 offers from Cal State Long Beach, Boston University, UCLA, and etc.

As a team captain, along with  Justin Rene, he continues to motivate the team and uplift their energy throughout every game. Justin Rene says, “hard work makes better teamwork.” The team will continue the Bosco Tournament onto the semi-finals and championships at Bosco.