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On January 25, Poly’s speech and debate team competed in the Spring Debate Competition.
At this competition, sophomore Dana Kriebel and freshman Inanna Khanas made debates regarding three topics.
The topics covered: the ethics of responsible gun ownership laws, birthright citizenships, and the Paw Act, the act that gives service dogs to veterans. Dana Kriebel won 14th out of about 65 competitors in the novist portions. Inanna won 26th which is a great achievement considering this being her first year. During this competition, 23 schools were present.
Inanna and Dana both agreed that they “debated [their] best that [they] could have.”
The debate for them wasn’t easier nor hard because they were about to come up with accurate evaluations in their arguments.
They do plan on going to finals in their league.
These two will participate in a Novice Tournament at Millikan on February 23rd. Those two, along with the whole novice debate team will suit up and perform their best at this tournament.
The varsity debate team, last Saturday, at Arcadia High School, participated in the Spring Speech.
There was about “4 inches of rain, but that did not stop us” said Speech and Debate teacher, Brett Alexander.
Coco Sanabria and William “Big Sexy” Terlinda spoke in the Impromptu Speak lasting in a 5 minute speech. According to Alexander, “Coco and Big Sexy will be ready for State qualifications, I believe in them.”
The state qualifications will be on March 1 and March 2 at CSULB. This competition will bring out 1,600 people from all over Southern California.
This debate will be for the varsity debate team. Alexander states that he agrees, “that Coco and William are capable of qualifying for state.”
In the 25 years that Alexander has been here he’s had 3 state champs.

By Syanne Patton
Freshman, Inanna Khanas

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