Rebelling Against Valentine’s day


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Thinking about staying home alone in the dark on Valentines? Then this is a perfect guide for you! While your friends are out having fun with their “boo” you could be having fun too! So instead of sulking by yourself, treat yourself to a nice warm bath with a Big Blue Bath Bomb and a Mask of Magnaminty from Lush. Or, be basic and order fast food from Postmates while watching your favorite Netflix show for the “12th” time.

Thinking about going out? How about a romantic three-course dinner by yourself at your favorite restaurant, plus you only have to pay for yourself. And if you’ve already watched everything on Netflix, go to the movie theater and buy an extra-large bucket of popcorn for yourself, not before stopping at the Dollar Tree and smuggling candy into the movie theater. Just in case you haven’t spoiled yourself enough, go on a huge shopping spree and take advantage of all the Valentine’s sales, you might even get a chance to help a lost boy buy a gift for his girlfriend.

Lastly, if all else fails, make a mental note to buy all the discounted Valentine’s day candy on the following day, then while your parents are out on their 397th cringy Valentine’s date, you can enjoy a large glass of wine.

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