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How to Ask Out Your Crush


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Tip 1: Make sure they know who you are. At least talk to them once before you ask

Tip 2: If possible tell them how you feel beforehand especially if they are out of your league

Tip 3: Be funny and cute, so they can’t say no because you’re just perfect

Tip 4: Shower and put your best fit on so at least you look fly

Tip 5: Stalk them or get to know them so you’re not a homewrecker

Tip 6: Ask them in private so it’s personal or spend $400 on a “Will You Be My Valentine?” airplane banner

Tip 7: Have plan A ready, if not try plan B, and if all fails try plan C

Tip 8: Be confident and well prepared for all possibilities

Tip 9: Make sure you actually really like them before going all in

Tip 10: Finally go up to them and ask away!!

Good Luck <3

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