Hello Valentines Day!


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Valentine’s day. February 14th. Day of love? Wrong. More like the day of reminding people that they’re not loved. Who decided that this will be the day where people will remember to love their significant other’s? Or maybe I’m just not loved. Either way, Valentine’s Day is trash.

Why do I feel this way? Well, for the last couple of years, I’ve spent this holiday crying, being neglected, and envying those who had boyfriends and girlfriends to bring them nice gifts. I especially hate the boys who would flood the hallways with the PINK bags in hand and red chocolate heart boxes. Talk about disgusting! These kids should be buying books to read, not underwear for their girlfriends!

Even when I am in a relationship, Valentine’s Day is still a horrid day for me. I find it quite hilarious when people in relationships purposely start conflicts with their significant other’s as an excuse not to treat them out for Valentine’s Day (If you’re someone who doubts that this actually happens, I can assure you it is not a myth. It’s happened to me.)

Anyway, couples should not wait until one out of the year to love each other. Surprise your boo every single day! Buy the love of your life flowers every once in a while! Show them you love them everyday! Not just Valentine’s Day, hat’s mad corny! Valentine’s Day is just a regular day. The whole concept is super cringey. Maybe I am just a loser who no one loves but at the end of the day, I said what I said.

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