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Michael Gray has a YouTube channel called 2gether Tuesday, where he posts motivational videos for students, and others to view. From videos ranging about celebrities giving their perspective, to motivational speakers with the lessons they have, and lastly a variety of other things in promoting confidence on different aspects in life.

On Wednesday, January 29, two videos titled Anything is Possible and Nothing Will Change Unless You Change were created by students at Poly Academy of Achievers and Leaders (PAAL). Throughout the video of Anything is Possible, voice overs of students and staff spoke on the topic of possibilities, as it was displayed over a video mainly focusing on football players, their games, and even behind the scenes.

In fact, the script used in the video, is that of Gray’s in an assembly he performed earlier this school year dealing with mental health. The message that the video gives, is that of reaching goals and not being discouraged in pursuing them.

With the football players featured in the background, it provides a visual of them doing what might be considered impossible and showing that it can be done. And of course those visuals were able to be provided by PAAL student, David Ukpolo.

In the video, Nothing Will Change Unless You Change, students discuss about the improvements you can make in order to apply changes and continue to grow from them. From making good habits to getting rid of the negative thoughts you have of yourself. It is a motivation to show that the choices you make, and the outcomes that can come from them either: change your ways or stay the same.

Based on both videos they have similar meanings and fits in with the kind of videos already posted on the 2gether Tuesday channel. They bring a message of having a positive outlook on life and hopefulness. The production and cooperation of these projects is that of a professional, despite some minor mistakes.

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