Sir Savage The 21st


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Recently 21 Savage has been issued to be deported from the United States for being  here illegally, since he immigrated here from the UK and the age of 7. Ever since the incident, 21 Savage and his team have been working through the process to keep 21 living in the U.S. His visa expired 13 years ago. Soon after, memes has continued to rise up from people all over twitter and even celebrities such Demi Lovato. She got major backlash for doing the same thing that numerous people have done which was making fun of 21’s situation. The rapper is still being held by immigration services for questioning. His career is at stake, since a majority of his fans and cash flow are in the United States. I believe he should be allowed citizenship in the United States since he has been living here for such a long time and he has already established a career and contributed society. Also his visa expired when he was young so there was nothing he could do about it. 21 Savage should be made an exception to these harsh immigration laws. #free21savage.

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