The Importance of Black History


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It’s the month of February! What do you think of when you think of February? Valentine’s Day? President’s Day? Or do you think about the appreciation of the black culture?
Yesterday, I was having a conversation with my sister. I asked her if she knew who Malcolm X was. She said no. I asked if her if she knew the history of where her ancestors came from and if she knew the obstacles they had to overcome for us to be treated the way a human being should be treated? Of course, she gave me a confused look and responded that she didn’t.
Black History Month doesn’t get the same recognition for younger students as much as it did when I was in elementary school. Many students entering middle school still don’t even know who Malcolm X is. To this day, people still say “MLK died for our rights.” MLK did not die for our rights. He was assassinated. Many of our people were killed just for us to receive the same rights as everybody else. Younger students should know that by now!
Even though, our culture should be celebrated all year long, it should at least be recognized more during the month that was dedicated to the culture. Can we please acknowledge the greatness of black culture?

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