Ain’t Nothing Wrong With Community College


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A concerning, disgustingly large amount of high schoolers scoff at the idea of community college. A few weeks ago, this one ignorant, ugly 12th grade boy named Peter (I can name him. He doesn’t go to this school, it’s fine) asked me what colleges I applied to. I told him I only applied to LBCC, and this absolute cretin responded, “Ugh. That’s so basic.” Another said, “Ew. Can’t imagine.”

Four year universities are great for a number of reasons. It’s understandable why a lot of people want to go straight to a university. That’s cool; there’s nothing wrong with that. However, there’s also a myriad of benefits to attending a community college for two years then transferring, or just staying there the whole four years. It’s not as financially burdensome than most universities, and most employers don’t often weigh into account where you get your major, only what you major in and what experience you have.

Some people might think the education is just inherently better at universities, but professors at community college can often be more focused on their teaching because the ones teaching at universities have all their obligations to the university, all the studies and research they have to conduct. Professors at community college can focus on their class more.

There’s this stigma around community college, this idea that it’s just inferior to any four year university and a waste of time. A lot of it might have to do with pride. Some people might want to go try and attend a university just because it’s more difficult; they want to go to a college they had to work hard to get into, because that automatically makes it better. I’m positive not everybody thinks like this, but I’m sure there’s a good handful that do, which is unfortunate.

Some people want to live the college life, get away from home and reside in a dorm for four years. That sounds fun, and I’m glad some people will get to enjoy all that, but is it really worth the extra thousands of dollars? People need to take these things into consideration and stop so easily dismissing community college, especially since LBCC will have free tuition for two years starting this fall 2019 semester.

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