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Is This Weather Ok?


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El Nino has officially arrived, according to National Weather Service, switching the usual warm weather to rainy and cold weather.

El Nino is the shift of weather patterns and winds that bring warm oceans and much rain to the Pacific Ocean. This weather is unusual and hated by most Southern Californians.

This change in weather has affected many sports and the capability to perform everyday things.
Poly Beach Volleyball player Ellie Requejo said, “Practices have been cancelled all week due to the rain and much of our team is unprepared for our first match on Saturday.”

These inconveniences not only affect sports but just the basic ability to walk around school.
Sophomore Tomas Hertzog said, “Walking around Poly is almost impossible because the only places that cover the rain are the catwalks, and they are usually full.”
Many students across campus hate this new weather and can’t wait, now more than ever, for spring and summer to come.

Much of Long Beach and Poly have been flooded due to the extreme amounts of rain. This flooding makes driving very dangerous especially in large vehicles.
Due to the fact of heavy rains, the dirt roads near the YMCA Camp Oakes in Big Bear, CA (location of the Poly North) have been deemed unsafe for driving.
To ensure safety and enjoyment for the Sophomore class, Poly North has been rescheduled for March 22-24.
There have been cancellations, so their are limited spots are open for $60 at the banker.

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