Kenya Payne

Kenya Payne, a senior, on the varsity sprints team, recently committed to the University of Southern California (USC). She has showed her dedication in track all four years of high school and plans to forward those dreams in her college athletic career.
She has said that she will pursue a career in “medical industry.” As far as her last high school season at Poly, she wants to “ return to CIF and win state.” With this attitude, greatness is destined in her future. Kenya has received multiple awards for the 400m and 4 x 100m relays and she aspires to achieve a “41 second PR [Personal Record]” before graduating high school.
Not only has Kanye excelled in track, she is doing very well academically. She has committed to pursue her dreams in the medical field as a nurse.
She is currently in the medical program her at Poly. She is in the MEDS academy and has received multiple awards for honor roll. She is a smart young individual that says, “I am ready for college…for the experience and for the freedom.”
This girl is one of the fastest runners in her Division along with many other runners at Long Beach Poly. She has won 2nd place in her 400m last year in CIF and at Moore League Finals. This year she wants to keep her titles and advance to state championships with her team with all of the support from the coaches, staff, and fellow athletes here at Poly.