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Consuming Meat is Bring in the Heat


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Currently the Social Work and Advocacy in Action classes that Michael Gray teaches are working on something big.
The reducing of meat consumption, in order to make our environment in better living conditions for the future.
What exactly is it that students do in the Social Work and Advocacy in Action class?
Students are given the opportunity to make changes in their community through research and action.

Students have done surveys, such as what people know about climate change and how they feel about sexual harassment.
The assignment they are given this time is that of starting a small change that will hopefully spread across everywhere else.
So far in the project they have conducted a survey in order to gather information.

One of the questions asked on this survey was, “If you knew that how much meat we consume is making climate change/climate disruption worse, would you make a change in how much you eat?” 58% said yes while 42% said no.

There was several other questions regarding the choices students make, in order to make them think and chose more carefully.
Other questions were asking if students knew facts, like how it takes 1,800 gallons of water to make a Quarter Pound hamburger.
Besides asking if students knew statistics, the survey also asked, if knowing the information you have now, would you choose to switch up your way of eating to benefit our world.

A small percentage said they would continue their ways.
Based on the information gathered for the survey, Gray’s classes decided to take it to the next step.
They decided to contact Long Beach City Council and Food Network to see if either of them are willing to showcase these new changes in order to impact society’s ways on a wider scale.

Students are helping in different aspects of the project such as: video production, coming up with scripts, sending letters to both the council and tv networks and promoting this issue through advertisement.

All of this is in the works, and have yet to be set in motion and completed.

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