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No More Waiting in Line; Pay for AP Tests Online


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For the first time, students at Poly will have the option of paying online for their AP tests online.
With the high number of students taking AP classes here at Poly, the line for the school banker gets longer and longer the closer we get to AP payment deadlines.
Those who have taken APs before know ugly that line gets sometimes. Luckily, suffering through that endless torment is no longer required.
Students can pay for their AP tests online through the Poly website (after they’ve already registered through studentvue to take the AP tests).
On the homepage, students can access a link to the Poly Web Store, and from here, they can add whichever AP tests they’re taking to their cart and then pay for them.
A 2.99% non-refundable surcharge is added to all purchases, so this means each AP test price will increase from $5.00 to $5.15.
For more information, in case there’s any questions or confusion, students can go see AP coordinator, Mr. West, in Room 132 or email him at [email protected]

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