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Snowing to a Theatre Near You


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Recently, a 2 minute trailer advertising the sequel to the Disney animation “Frozen” has been released. The trailer starts off with huge waves heading toward the land, Elsa tying her hair up and using her powers to freeze the water. The scene then transitions to Ana seeming extremely worried, and Kristoff determined to do something. We also see Elsa and Olaf together, with not much detail except for Elsa using her powers to fight back against something fierce. After that, the scenes become a bit confusing as we see what seem to be new characters, which then transitions to all the characters standing on top of a hilltop, viewing over what seems to be a bunch of trees. The trailer ends with Ana, Elsa and Kristoff walking. Something sneaking up behind them, and Ana bringing out Kristoff’s sword.

What is noticed about the trailer is that the characters have a very different style and dress than what we saw in the first movie (this is not something very common among Disney continuations). Another thing that is noticed is that the setting throughout the trailer is taking place in the season of fall.

From this trailer and information, my interpretations are that Frozen 2 will be sort of similar to the first movie; in which they try to bring back a season. In this case however, I assume that they are awaiting winter, but something (or someone) is stopping it from arriving. That would explain the meaning behind all of the leaves and what the protagonists are so determined to get, and why we see Elsa using her powers so often.

Overall, the trailer itself was amazing. I really enjoyed the style of it, the way things were portrayed, and of course, the music.

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