Meet the Addams Family

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Meet the Addams Family


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As you know, The Addams Family Musical took place in the auditorium on February 22, 23, and 24. The showing I reviewed took place on Friday 22 at 6:30 PM .

For those who don’t know what The Addams Family is about, it’s based off of a family consisting of: a father named Gomez (played by Andy Martinez), mother named Morticia (played by Aiyanna Johns), and their children Wednesday and Pugsley (played by Amanda Angeles and Gabby Kaiser), along with a few family members in the household.

Such as Grandma (played by Mika Dyo), Lurch (played by Chase McPherson), and Fester (Ben Rifkin). The play centers on this odd family and their peculiar home life, considered normal to them, but weird to outsiders.

A new family called the Beinekes, visit the Addams family due to their son, Lucas (played by Caleb Marsh) being involved with Wednesday, romantically. Their romance seems to be a complication between the two families. Overall the play had a focus on love, which is fitting for the month of February.

On opening night, a line of people stood to buy their tickets. As people entered the first thing noticed while entering is the orchestra. The play started with the curtains opening and the cast emerging from behind. The cast started with the opening song “When You’re an Addams” along with Gomez and Morticia dancing, with the family members doing solos and dancing as well.

Emerging from within the side doors, actors dressed as ghost flooded into the audience up onto stage. They were considered the Ancestors and often showed up a lot throughout the production, such as changing the scenes and often being in the background of scenes.

The most shocking detail is Wednesday changing from her usually mean demeanor to a more softer approach due to being in love. Of course the family find it strange as to Wednesday wanting things to be normal, when if fact there’s nothing normal about the Addams. The Beinekes as well question Lucas on how he found his partner and find their encounter strange.

Secrets were kept and differences made, these were almost enough to split the families as they venture on their own paths, reflecting on their struggles. But by the end of the play, all was resolved and both families were able to coexist as one.