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Shop With Friends

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Shop With Friends


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Like every year, a plethora of high schoolers emerge with their own personal clothing brands. Here to set himself apart from the rest is senior Dakota Song, creator of the upcoming streetwear brand, Shop With Friends.

“Before, I used to overthink and complicate the concepts surrounding my past clothing brands. Shop With Friends presents itself naturally as it represents my personal creative outlet. It’s hard to put a definition of what Shop With Friends means, since I want to avoid putting restrictions on the brands potential and what it can be,” said Song when defining what his brand means to him. Song already has reputable experience in the streetwear industry as he’s worked with other local streetwear brands, being a photographer and media outputter as well as videographer. Song also trained as a creative director while being an intern.

“My brand is going to feature the essentialized hoodie and everyday T-shirt. Shop With Friends is definitely out-there in terms of color and style, so you have to be comfortable with dressing it,” said Song. Shop With Friends showcases bright and vivid color ways that’s going to revolutionize the way people think of dark and obscure winter clothing.

From genuine heat press to multi-stitched embroidery, Shop With Friends proves that high school streetwear brands can still exhibit quality. For more information and updates, follow the brand via Instagram @shopwfriends.

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