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Go For Gold


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With graduation vastly approaching, seniors and their parents are starting to plan out their celebrations. It might even feel as if some parents are more excited than their student.

The pressure to meet your parents expectations is, I assume a life-long struggle. I am not yet prepared for the anxiety I will receive walking across the stage, and the confusion on my family’s faces when wondering why my cap and gown is green.

My aunt Marie attended Poly, so naturally I had to as well. There is a framed photo of my family hero glued onto my grandmother’s wall, it’s there that she taunts me, smiling in her pure gold cap and gown. I’ve stared at that picture my whole life, waiting for mine to be glued up next to it.

This of course will not happen, since receiving a gold cap and gown is not easy. It’s a way to praise the perfect attendance, 4.0, cookie cutter scholars, while the the rest of us normal folk rock the standard green. Don’t get me wrong, those students do deserve it. They’ve given their all and sacrificed a lot to be on top, but you know what’s a great reward for that? Going to your dream university and having a successful career. I mean, that’s what they do it for, not to make a fashion statement.

If we are all scholars and champions, then maybe the school should start treating us all like that. Instead of promoting elitism, can’t we all just celebrate together, so my dad won’t be ashamed of me? Don’t set me up for failure, that’s what college is for.

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