Depression is complicated, really compicated


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Depression is a major depressive/mood disorder that negatively affects how you feel, act and the way you think. Depression is caused by a number of reasons such as the loss of a loved one or physical health problems.

It’s estimated that more than 300 million people worldwide suffer from depression. In which 3.1 million people are between the ages of 12 and 17. The amount of young people diagnosed with depression has been rising over the years and only a small percent of them are getting help.

Depression is a battle that at least 16.2 million of Americans have experienced with. And if you think that only “lonely” teenagers suffer from a depressive episode consider famous celebrities that have once felt depressive like Kristen Bell, Jim Carrey, Ellen Degeneres, Lady Gaga, along Michael Phelps and many more.

If you are are worried that someone you love or a “friend” is suffering from depression, be aware that symptoms like being sad during the day, lacking concentration, losing interest in favorite activities, feeling guilty, fatigue, having suicidal thoughts, seeing a change in appetite and weight, as well as a constant pain for no reason are red flags of this disorder.

Since there is no guide on how to deal with depression because every struggle is different, one should seek advice from a health professional, try therapy and alternative plans like exercise, meditation or mindfulness strategies.

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