Banker Blues


Photo By Liz Rico

With the AP test payment storm now complete, many Poly students have now interacted with the new banker, Lynne Amyx.
For the past few years, Poly students have faced what seems like an ever-changing banker and system.
It has confused many students and done little to assuage potential concerns about the organization of the high school’s financial system.
According to Brett Alexander, Yearbook and Speech and Debate teacher, Poly was “spoiled” by the previous banker, Lovinia Ilog.
Ilog worked as a banker at Poly for over 25 years, and had an efficient approach honed by years of experience working with the system.
She was a “well-oiled machine” as described by Alexander and many students.

After she left about a year and a half ago, the Poly community got a new banker by the name of Andrea Sanchez.
Sanchez was enthusiastic but “notoriously slow” according to sophomore Jason White.
Her hiring came at a time of a transition in Poly’s banking system from paper-based to electronic.
This transition proved difficult for her, which may have partially caused the long lines to pay for dance tickets and AP tests that plagued the school last year.

Several people said that at one point Sanchez left a vendor payment check for around $30,000 unsent, and it was found later on the bottom or a pile of papers.

In addition, she also failed to deposit over $200 in personal checks that were intended for an academic program.
Sanchez applied for a position at Wilson High School and was hired, leaving Poly.
Alexander believes that this was largely due to better alleged opportunities at Wilson than at Poly.
With the new electronic banking system well in place, new banker Amyx is well-positioned to succeed at Poly.
It is in the high school’s best interest to have a well-organized and thorough banker to keep the school and students in good fiscal order.


Update: A previous version of this article stated that Sanchez was transferred, however she applied for the transfer, interviewed, and it was approved.