Winter Has Come Again

Okay so, the final season of Game of Thrones is here! Not really, but it’s coming April 14, so it’s basically here. There are lots of theories about the end: the Night King prevails and everyone dies, Daenerys goes crazy and burns everyone, or Cersei goes crazy and burns everyone – the list goes on.

I have my own theories on what will occur throughout the season but I have yet to really care about how it might end.

However, the closer the end comes, the more I start to think about it. So… what I want to happen at the end of Game of Thrones is for winter to consume all of Westeros. To usher in a new Long Night, but I want the Night King to be vanquished, but even though he’s gone, winter still prevails.

And I want the Iron Throne to be destroyed, no one wins the game, but someone survives to become the “ruler” of Westeros. I also don’t want everyone to die, but maybe just most people. Only a few left to rebuild and usher in the new world. The end is near, winter is here, I just hope I’m not disappointed by the ending.