Drama Gets Help in Screenwriting


Poly’s drama department has hired professional writer and actor Marcus Folmar to help students develop scripts for plays they will be performing April 4 – 6.

For two weeks, Folmar has been showing up to the 7th period Play Production class to instruct the drama students in the art of playwriting. He started by giving lessons on constructing the basics of a play: the plot, setting, and characters. Then the class started learning more about nuanced aspects of playwriting, such as the dialogue, giving characters the right voice, and conveying a theme, or some kind of deeper meaning.

After learning about what components make up a whole script, the students began actually putting together their own stories. They came up with their own original ideas and pitched them to the rest of the class. Folmar and the other students then gave each other feedback on what would be good to see in the play and how to make it work.

Folmar and Poly drama teacher, Linda Bon, helped guide the class through the creative process of writing plays. Finally, when the scripts had been completed, every student read theirs out loud to the class, and Folmar and Bon selected which ones would be performed in the show in April.

Marcus Folmar has acted in roles in popular TV shows such as Shameless, The Big Bang Theory, I’m Dying Up Here, and Modern Family. He also wrote ABC original movie, The List. The drama department will be putting on a show of a handful of their student-written plays in early April.