Everyone is their own person. This is what I have told myself my whole life. No one belongs to anyone. This is what my family has told me. However as I grow up, I am starting to be unsure of what I have been taught. The relationships I have seen throughout my life have been quite interesting, but what has always gotten my attention – not in a good way- are the people who find themselves feeling possessive over someone else.

I have even found myself in situations where someone calls me their own and it had left me feeling extremely uncomfortable. I don’t like being controlled or told who to give my love and attention to. I also don’t like being guilt tripped into it. Whether it’s friend or partner, if someone makes me choose between two people, I won’t enjoy the pressure and as a result, end up answering insincerely. What I don’t like especially about people who are possessive is that they can sometimes take things too far and turn the relationship they’re in into a toxic one.

I’m not saying this is indicated  for ALL relationships, but I feel if you want to be in a relationship, you and your partner should know limits. I don’t mean this to come out in any harmful way at all, it is just what I feel.