Sing For Retired Teacher


The Poly Choir ensembles performed at two concerts on March 6 and 7 in the auditorium. The chorale, chamber, Cecilian, and the two jazz ensembles performed on Wednesday, and Inspirational Glee and Grace sang on Thursday. They were split up to avoid holding a two-hour long concert in one night, choir director Brian Dokko said.

The concert on Thursday was held to celebrate the retirement of Lori Grace, Poly’s chorale accompanist. Grace has been Dokko’s assistant director and teacher of both ensembles performing on Thursday for the past 10 years. She brought many Poly Choir alumni to the performance as well as a few former students from Jordan High School, where she started her career in the Long Beach district.

Many of the students who sang at the concert said that they felt happy or nostalgic about the events. “This [was] one of my last concerts as a senior,” Poly senior Jovanni Pham said. “I had a lot of fun singing with my friends.” Sophomore Sophia King of the Cecilian ensemble said that while the choirs performing on Wednesday didn’t have a lot of time to rehearse, “We did a way better job than I thought we would.”

The Poly Choir ensembles will sing again at their spring concert in May of this year. Dokko says that it is expected to be a smaller event than the most recent one.