I’ll Have a Grande


Ariana Grande’s signature drink at Starbucks debuted and will remain on the menu permanently. Ariana is a light bubbly, sweet and strong person so I expected her drink to represent that.

The Cloud Macchiato is everything but that. Taking into consideration her music, style, and past boyfriends, I assumed the girl had taste. This drink proved me wrong. Most of the media is complaining that her drink isn’t considered vegan, while Grande has claimed to be vegan herself. I couldn’t care less about it not being vegan. If it was vegan, that would at least be an excuse as to why it tastes so bad.

I do not consider myself to be a coffee person, so I brought along an expert, who was in agreement with me. That drink was gross, bitter, and if you enjoy the bitter taste of actual crap, consider drinking black coffee, It’s cheaper and there are no expectations.

3/10 will not drink again.