Why Saturday School?

Saturday school has been more of a serious matter, this school year.
In what the purpose of saturday school serves, is for students to make up “work and also days of absences”, stated by Robert Shock.

The range between freshman to seniors, may be considered to go.
They’re given the opportunity to catch up and ensure that their grades will be stable.
This could be considered a new awakening, more specifically to seniors, as if you do NOT attend saturday school and/or miss them intentionally, there is the possibility of getting your privileges taken.
Such as graduation and maybe even certain senior activities.
Especially since Seniors are currently going towards a path that staff is “concerned about”. And for Juniors this is a very “important year for them”. Saturday school is made to be “academic based”.

As for if saturday school is working for students, Shock says that “those taking advantage of it” are the ones benefiting.
They can also be given the chance to have a space to do their work as they provided chromebooks, books and whatever they need, in order to catch up.

Saturday school is assigned through the district based on multiple absences.
At least twice a month Saturday school is in session, and it is said May will be the last month for Saturday school.
Shock also stated at PAAL they have saturday school almost “every saturday”.

Many students are unsure of the consequences. The district is looking for what to do and is unsure.
It is said that for Seniors if they miss school, especially towards the end of the semester, there will be some sort of consequences set in place.
The purpose behind saturday school isn’t to “penalize students” but instead “try to help them”.