$ For Our Garden

During these few weeks ago, there have been donations made to Poly in help of supporting the school garden.
These donations were made by an organization called Healthy Active Long Beach, which is a project that was developed in 2003 to address obesity as well as other chronic disease rates in the city of Long Beach.
They are mainly known for the activities they host such as ReTHINK Your Drink, Kids in the Kitchen, community events, health fairs, and so much more!

With this donation, the Healthy Active Long Beach made a partnership with the H&H Nursery, a “family-fun garden center offering a wide variety of plants”, which helped make the delivery of all the new donations to the school’s garden.
This donation consisted of four bags of organic soil, two milkweed plants, sprouting kale, and sprouting tomatoes.
On top of that, during the final week of March, the WASC Committee (Western Association of Schools and Colleges) came and paid a visit to Poly HIgh School’s campus. While on their visit, they took a look around the school, but one thing that caught their attention was the school garden itself.

“During the presentation of their final finding, they gave their reports of areas of improvement and areas of strength and on their 5th slideshow, they included a big picture of our garden!!!!” said Ms. Jimenez.
Now the school garden is officially ready to bring in the spring season because of these new donations.