Get Out the U.S.

Jordan Peele’s movie Us came out March 22, 2019. Featuring stunning performances by the entire cast, Us is a great reflection on the idea of how society treats its less fortunate and the consequences of these actions.

That is one interpretation of the film, as there are many more. There are also many theories surrounding the events in the film.

Warning spoilers will be present from here on, so if you have not watched it then you should get to it. On with the theories: the most interesting being that Jason is a tethered, this theory claims that Jason was switched similar to the way Adelaide was. However there are holes in this theory, mainly the timing of these events, if you want more information you can search it up.

There is another interesting theory that encompasses Peele’s other movie Get Out with Us. This theory begs the question whether or not the movies are part of a shared universe.

There are already many movies that have a shared universe so would it be so far fetched as to think Peele could be trying to do the same? Anyway the theory suggests that there is a connection between the sciences that created the tethered in Us and the ability of putting two consciousnesses inside a single body in Get Out.

All we know of how the tethered in Us were created is when Red tells the family that they were created by a shadowy government organization and abandoned. This fits in with the explanation that Dean gives in Get Out when he explains the origins of his “practice.” The most fascinating theory however is that the tethered are better than “Us”.

Throughout the movie they are seen working together collectively to achieve the goal they worked for, however the “civilized” part of society is not able to defeat them.

The tethered were even able to accomplish the goal of Hands Across America, which famously was a failure when first conceived in 1986. This asks the question of whether or not the more civilized society deserves what they got, if they are so focused on themselves and not on the greater good of society.