Prom Dress Season


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On April 14, Rachel Suojanen, the 1-2 Japanese teacher, hosted a Prom dress giveaway called the Prom Dress Boutique at the Jewish Foundation in Long Beach.

Students in Long Beach are given an opportunity to get a prom dress and other things that are in need of prom material.
The Boutique is designed to be organized with dressing rooms, volunteers, etc. There will be a raffle for free makeovers and other prizes.
Suojanen has partnered with the Women’s Philanthropy to make this event happen.
She also let students know around campus where and how they could donate dresses, shoes, and jewelry for the event.

Dresses from multiple sources have come in and have become resourceful for the students in need of them.
The goal is to help young girls be themselves with the right sources, especially when shopping for Prom is expensive.
The committee also explained that this event is for invited guests only, so it is up to the counselors to outreach to those in need.
As well made it know to students through Schoolloop to reach out to their counselors too.
She coordinated with counselors to make sure that they recommended students who could benefit from this event.
The Boutique is to enlighten girls who are insecure about themselves, to make them feel better about themselves, their personalities, and embrace them individuality.

This event will become a tradition for Long Beach to ensure that students get to have an opportunity to be themselves at prom.