The Art of Shoe Selling


Shoe selling has been a hustlers job ever since the 1970s when notorious brands such as Nike and Adidas took off. With the worlds fashion evolving and sports such as the NBA where shoe game mattered, several people caught onto the trend of dressing, “bottom up.” The amount of payout especially now could be endless and could make millions of dollars. With brands dropping shoes on a limited basis and amount, the large consumer community can only acquire them one other way, the local shoe entrepreneur. This begs the question, how do they do it?

Although on paper shoe reselling is plainly buying shoes first hand for less and selling to a desired customer for more, this process take more energy than said. First, you have to understand the market, just like stocks there are shoes that are hot at the moment, but die down. It is best to start with something cheap to sell for more.

Unfortunately, the start is always luck based. Sometimes traveling to your local retailer (Marshalls, TJ Maxx, or Ross) and finding a pair of shoes that could sell for more is a steal! For example, after Marshalls restocked their shoe section I found SF Air Force 1s (size 11.5). These go for around $45.00 dollars on shoe selling websites like StockX which take a cut of the money (transaction and payment processing fee), but when selling on your own account these go for $55.00 dollars any day of the week. But STOP! Even though these shoes are relatively recent drops, you are better off finding a more reliable pair of shoes that will stay in, “the loop.” The most reliable pairs of shoes for resell to start with are Air Max 97s or Jordan 1s due to the prevalence in the fashion community.

Let’s say you find a reliable pair of shoes, take the Air Max 97 “South Beach,” which retail for $160.00, but resell for $200.00. How do we go about selling these beauts?

Start a shoe selling social media account. These blow up with a few shout outs or little advertising as consumers want to find different people with different stock. Best media accounts are the obvious Instagram, but places like reddit or Facebook are great for putting your shoes out there.

What now? Well it is an uphill battle from here. Now that you have profit here starts the endless process from buying recently dropped or cheap shoes and selling them. This process takes extreme patience as sometimes you will find a buyer the next day or next month. Some tips to stay in there is to set long term goals such as a shoe you want to work up to. From famous rapper Jay-Z, “Only two things can get you through this: that’s patience and persistence.”