Celebration for Women


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Female Leadership is acknowledging March, Women’s History Month, by hosting a celebratory tea in the school’s cafeteria on March 27th.
The party honored women who have impacted the lives of the members of Female Leadership Academy.
Each member will brought an important role model in their life and introduce them with a heartfelt speech.
These women who were invited to the tea party represent an important bond to the lives of these young women.
Some in which will influence young ladies to go far and aspire to do amazing things in the future.
Not only did the tea correlate with Women’s History Month, it was an event that promoted women empowerment and the act of doing something kind for those who have done so much for us.

Sometimes a simple thank you isn’t enough and the tea provided an open space to show how women impact those around them.
Ms. Schol, the FLA sponsor, believes that “we tend to take those around us for granted, despite all the sacrifices they make.
It’s never too late to start showing your appreciation to the women in your life.”
This tea is meant to recognize the strong women that go unnoticed, to really show how their actions have inspired the future generation.
These women have taught girls how to embrace themselves, and encourage them to make outstanding legacies here at Poly and in their own futures to come.

To say the least, many bittersweet tears were shed and tight