Kole Kikuta


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Kole Kikuta is only a sophomore and he is already become a valuable asset to his team. And has earned his spot on the varsity team. He is known to be one of the best players on the varsity boys golf team.
Kikuta enjoys playing golf because it is fair and all his friends play it.
Kikuta says that he is motivated by his teammates and his coaches. “I admire all their hard work and the devotion they all put into the improvement of our team.”
Kikuta believes that he is doing “pretty good” this season. He has developed better teamwork skills and has improved a lot on his craft. He says that he is “proud” of how far he has come.
In addition to being proud of himself he is also extremely proud of his teammates. He mentioned that he enjoys playing his matches because he likes cheering on his good friend and teammate, Henry Dearborn, because “when Henry plays good, [he plays] good too.”
Kikuta also supports and cheers on one of his other teammates, Dylan Valley, because Kikuta says that Dylan has been doing good and that he is phenomenal in his craft.
He is supported by his parents and little brother and will continue to “keep grinding” to get better.
Although Kikuta enjoys playing golf, he is unsure if he wants to play in college. For right now he is just playing golf for fun and because he just enjoys the sport and being able to play with all his friends.
Even though he is not entirely sure that he will play golf in college he is for certain that he will be playing golf in his junior year.