Ethan Neil


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Ethan Neil, is a Junior playing in the Varsity Boys Golf team. Neil made the decision to start playing golf because he think of the sport as a “fun and different experience.”
Neil is motivated to play golf and better his playing because of his growing competitiveness. His goal is to further improve in his matches. To add on, Neil thinks that this season, he has been doing better than last year and enjoys playing tournaments with his team.
He also really enjoys his teammates and finds that playing with other people makes the sport more enjoyable. He especially enjoys playing golf with James Lemmis and believes that Lemmis is doing really good this season as well.
Neil is supported by his family and he plans on continuing to play golf as a senior but isn’t likely to continue to play in college.
When Neil attends college, he wants to focus on his studies and he plans on majoring in business and engineering.
He likes playing golf as a hobby, however he does not want to play seriously in the future.
If he wasn’t in golf, he would have liked to join track or cross country. But he feels like golf for now, is the right choice.