Senior Appreciation


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At last, we have come to the end of this school year! Congratulations to all the students that have made it, but more importantly, con- gratulations to the seniors who have come so far and even now, are still continu- ing to go even further as they take their next big step in life. This school year, I have met so many amazing seniors that have influenced me and left a huge impact on me in several ways. They helped me settle in when I was unsure of what to do in a certain class, they were the greatest student counselors at Poly North, they were even there to assure me that I was always welcomed in a friend group. It was always the little moments that made

them leaving me thankful for ever having the oppor- tunity to have met them. Friends, classmates, peers; call them whatever but to me they will always be one of the biggest influencers to have ever come into my life. I also feel like they should be more honored and feel proud of themselves as we should for them. After all, they once started out like everyone else. They began sprouting as a tiny bunny and grew throughout high school becoming the ex- travagant jackrabbits they are now. This class of 2019 should deserve more ac- knowledgement because even without knowing it, they influenced a lot of other people’s lives, not just mine.