How Are Nazis Still a Thing?

There’s an absurd number of Neo-Nazis in the United States today, something that just shouldn’t be possible. If they were all the grandchildren or great-grandchildren of Nazis who escaped Ger- many after the war ended and successfully sneaked into the Americas, then it would make a little bit more sense. Maybe the Neo-Nazis today were all raised with traditional Nazi values, straight from the motherland. The numbers would add up.

However, that is not the case. Our country is infested with ignorant, hateful, Anti- American, Jew-hating Nazis, and a great number of them aren’t even directly related to Nazis from World War 2; a lot of young Neo-Nazis today

have American parents and American grandparents, who were born and raised right here in the United States, which makes this whole situation all the more absurd, for numerous reasons.

First of all, I can’t think of anything more Un-American than Nazism. We straight up fought a whole war against Nazis. We had tons of propaganda about how evil Hitler and his beliefs were and why everyone should’ve enlisted and done their part to put a stop to his reign of terror in Europe. Our country had and should still have very strong opinions on Nazism. During World War 2 our entire country had pretty much devoted itself to fighting it.

Millions of American soldiers died fighting Nazis. There are still people alive to- day who fought Nazis and people who have family members who fought Nazis–this country hates Nazis. So how in the hell is there such a big Neo-Nazi population in our country today? It’s like if 50 years from now, we had a bunch of Neo-ISIS members marching in the streets–it doesn’t make any sense. How is it possible that there are so many men out there today openly advocating for a cause that’s not only dangerous and hateful, but also extremely Anti-American?

You’d think we’d be doing more as a country to shut down movements so detestable, but we’re not doing enough. Nazis are evil, wicked, ignorant, Anti-American scum. As such, they should be scared to show their faces in public and openly express their evil ideology be- cause we as a society should be showing them the same kind of viciousness they show Jews

and other minorities. This is a hate group that openly calls for violence upon people–there’s no room for that society. No person should befriend or love them, no employer should give them jobs, and no organization should allow them any kind of position of power.

And I’m not saying to take away their first amendment rights-if they want to publicly express their beliefs, I say go for it. Hell, I welcome it. It’ll make it easier for us good, responsible citizens to pick them out and practice our first amendment rights to publicly detest and ostracize those Nazi scum and carry out the justice they deserve.

This isn’t even a political issue. An ideology of hate and violence based on race isn’t a political platform; it’s not anything worth respecting or defending.