Softball Gets Lessons with Living Legend

Softball began their season with their new coach, Elizabeth Martin-Sanchez, who took over as head coach for the girls. She brought the girls home with many victories and even to the first round of CIF. This was actually the first in years that the girls made it this far. Losing to Grace Brethren, the softball girls kept their heads up and encouraged good vibes for the years to come. Starlynn Ramirez said, “Even though we lost I am glad to have done something that hasn’t be done in a very long time.” All of the team and Coach Sanchez believe that they have done they’re beat and considers the team as family.

Sanchez introduces a softball clinic that allows young softball players to connect with a softball World and Olympic champion, Crystl Bustos, with this program this summer at Poly. This gives the girls an opportunity to see how dreams can be achieved and they could end up like Bustos when it comes to terms with softball. Sanchez has given out flyers that enlists that Bus- tos will be here on August 12th. The program, though, is from August 10-14. The clinic will help softball players condition and practice for their upcoming seasons. This program is free as long as the right documents are turned in and are filled out correctly.

Crystl Bustos is known for being 3 time gold medalist for the USA olympic team in Beijing. She has become a great role model for the soft- ball community. She is originally from Southern California; she lived in San Clarita. Started her softball career in the little league in Canyon  Country. When she moved on to higher education she attended Palm Beach Community and that began her fame as a softball player. She played in the Beijing Games in 2008 taking silver and won a gold medal in three international league games. The girls this summer have an opportunity to look up for their future.