Oil and Instructor Changes

The Long Beach Poly automotive classes are under new instruction, as the previous teachers have retired.
Michael Schenkelberg is the new instructor, and this is his second year at Poly. “The class isn’t just to learn about cars, it’s a life skill,” he said.
The class helps you learn about basic information about cars, which helps you perform work on everything to do with automotives. Daniel Castillo, a JUSTICE junior who is new to Poly this year, said, “Auto Shop is very important, and the class is helping me get my license.”
BEACH sophomore and second-year automotive student Osvaldo Gonzalez said that the class was very beneficial. It led to him having a greater understanding of cars and how to fix them.
The class is very useful for all types of things, not just an interest in cars. As Schenkelberg also teaches AVID at Poly, the class this year focuses more on being successful and teaching through hands on experiences. The class has helped many students with their own cars over the past two years.