Aries: DO NOT WEAR BLACK. Your entire day will be filled with bad luck. Stick to light colors and you should have a happy Halloween!

Taurus: During your Halloween plans, you will come in contact with your ex, so I suggest you look as good as you possibly can.

Gemini: Your two personalities are likely to make several appearances throughout this day (as always). You will receive the best news of this entire month and the worst news of the entire year.

Cancer: This will be your last good Halloween of your life, so make it the best Halloween possible.

Leo: No matter how old you are, DEFINITELY go trick or treating this year. You will receive lots of treats.

Virgo: Whatever you do, don’t go out past 9 pm. You will have several eggs thrown at you.

Libra: You will meet the love of your life while you’re trick or treating.

Scorpio: Today is your day to let your demon out. Play thousands of tricks on whoever, wherever. This may very well be your best Halloween.

Sagittarius: You’re going to end up staying home and watching scary movies all night.

Capricorn: Tell your crush that you like them today. They will surprise you with something special on Halloween night.

Aquarius: Stay home.