Dark Harbor AMAZEment

The Queen Mary is greatly known for its haunted rooms and as the gigantic ship that is one of the landmarks in Long Beach. From September 27th to November 2nd, the Queen Mary presents Dark Harbor for 23 thrilling nights. If you haven’t heard about Dark Harbor, it’s basically a walk through of mazes and people dressed up as monsters, creeping out to give you that adrenaline rush. When I first walked into the gates, there were already monsters walking around to basically give a preview of what the mazes were going to be like.

Did it work? It made me want to get back in the car and go home. Although they were regular people disguised or portrayed to be as monsters, their energy and how dramatic they were felt real. The entire time I was there, I cling onto my friend’s arm because the thought of going through the mazes alone scared me to death. The foggy smoke from the outside clogged up the entire area so I didn’t know who or what was approaching me. The first maze I remember going into was the “Circus Maze”. The part that really got to me was when I was walking, play-pen colored balls started to fill our feet. I’m not sure if the people were real but I could feel hands grabbing onto my feet.