What’s New with the CARE Center

High school is stressful for even the most successful of students. Whether because of the schoolwork itself or something else happening at home or between relationships, the CARE Center in Room 205 provides a safe place for students to talk with a counselor (Michael Gray) when they are stressed, overworked, or struggling. Gray aims to help students develop good habits along a healthier mindset to face and work out problems in their life.
This year, the CARE Center is working on a project to “elevate the importance of mental wellness skills equal to Algebra and essay writing,” Gray said. Academic topics are held at the highest standard on terms of importance, where “mental wellness is barely existent in terms of what percentage of students feel strong in their mental wellness skills. We don’t even teach mental wellness skills.”
Daily emails have been sent out to students via Schoolloop, called “Stronger 2gether,” to help students learn these skills, such as planning your day, keeping a “gratitude journal,” and self-reflection exercises.
“Developing Future Mental and Behavioral Health” is a class offered periods 1-6 as a capstone of the MEDS pathway. Students are able to help and talk to other students, similar to how Gray does.
“We basically talk a lot about how to solve conflicts,” Laura Clemons, a junior in the fifth period class, said. “We talk about what we can do to help better ourselves.” An example of this is how Gray has been teaching her is that we need to stop “should-ing” ourselves: when we tell ourselves we “should” do something instead of how we are going to do something, we tend to procrastinate more often.
Gray is also requesting video ideas/concepts from students for Stronger 2gether. For anyone interested, talk to Mr. Gray in Room 805 before school, at nutrition, and at lunch.