SAT/PSAT Study-a-Thon at the College and Career Center

October, characterized notoriously for the horrors and goosebumps, took another form of scary on October 15; this time in the form of a test. A test that lasted for a treacherous five hours.
The Scholastic Aptitude Test (most commonly known as the SAT) was administered to seniors while the PSAT was administered to freshmen, sophomores, and juniors. This year, all Poly students were confronted by a gloomy, foggy morning as they trudged to their assigned classroom, wishing that the grim morning would not foreshadow the day. However, despite the dreary environment, there was hope: this year, many students took advantage of the Study-A-Thon at the College and Career Center.
The coordinators of the SAT Study-A-Thon were Alaa Shhub and Roc’Kale Bowman. They described the “Study-A-Thon [as] an event and place for students to study for the SAT using Khan Academy…in order to improve their scores.” They stated that an astounding amount of students showed up: approximately 100. With the success of the Study-A-Thon this year, they will be hosting it again during the spring semester.
Students who took advantage of the College and Career Center were ecstatic. They were lured in by the advertisement of an increase of 90 points, and of course, pepperoni and cheese pizza.
Leann Namuco, an 11th grader in the PACE program, said, “This was a welcoming experience and comfortable. Yet although it was pretty loud and was sometimes a little difficult to study, it is still beneficial and would recommend suggesting to other people because it was more fun to study in groups. Not only that, you will learn better than being alone. Plus there was pizza.”