Doin’ it all for the (Kindness) Gram

What can make your day better than a written card from your friend addressing how thankful they are for you? Of course, money and materialistic items might cause a feeling of happiness, short term, but a personal letter written to someone you admire can leave a mark on that person’s heart.
Long Beach Polytechnic High School this year provided the opportunity for students to send kindness grams to their friends. In addition, there was a Kindness Week starting from November 12th to the15th. Each day represented a way to be kind to your friends, students, teachers, and yourself. Audrey Deth from ASB stated the purpose of Kindness Week was to get kids mood and overall vibe uplifted. However, according to Deth it does “take a lot of dedication because we represent the student body so we try our best for any even that’s also not the Thanksgiving Drive or Kindness Week.”
Teachers were more than grateful to take time out of class to pass out the grams to students. This year, English teachers were given the role to pass out and return the kindness grams, but the students themselves had to know what period and English teacher their friend has in order to deliver it to them.
Karen Ferrer, an 11th grade student received cards and wrote cards to friends. She thought it would be a great time to draw images and write witty comments to her friends to uplift their day.
Most people were shocked when they received a gram. The shock of receiving a kindness gram demonstrates how we tend to forget to remind those we love how much we appreciate them. Not only do we forget to love others, but we also forget that we are loved, which is something everyone deserves to know. We often are so focused on our day to day, trying to go down a set schedule, that we forget to take a moment, step back, and just appreciate what we have.
Make sure to remind someone how thankful you are for them, even if it isn’t even a holiday. It may seem silly or outright useless to you to even take time from their day to tell them such plain words! However, you never know what someone is going through and just the two words of thank you can say more words then its composed of. If you’re looking where to start, send a handwritten letter– if you’re feeling extra thankful draw a heart or a picture along with it.