Making a List, Checking it Twice

Holidays are just around the corner which means that everyone will be on their way to do their shopping for their loved ones or even just for themselves. However, with this comes a long list of conflict or problems that might get in the way of allowing you to get things done. To make it easier, here’s a list of things you can try avoiding before you find yourself stuck in a troublesome situation.

  • Don’t save things for the last minute- Yes, you technically do have all the way until the day of Christmas to get your shopping done, but don’t let that be the reason you save everything until the last minute. If you give yourself time and do the shopping beforehand, you can give yourself the opportunity to fix things up before giving people their gifts, or you can even add more details to it if you’d like.
  • Don’t push yourself to buy everything all at onceIt’s ironic to be saying this after the last “don’t”, but I highly recommend giving yourself some time for everything. Don’t rush it all at once. Buy two gifts this week and another two next week. Spread your plans out throughout time. This way, you don’t feel overwhelmed by working on things right away and you can only focus on the things you already have bought.
  • Don’t put little to no effort or thought into your giftsYou’re going to shop for people you care about, so please don’t be careless about it. If you don’t want to stress yourself out about it, then just think about what they like. Even if you’re getting them a candle, a blanket, or a book, at least consider their favorite scent, color/material, or genre.
  • Don’t feel the need to please every single person- As previously stated, sometimes something as small as a candle or blanket could be enough. You don’t necessarily have to go all out and get the exact perfect gift for every single person. If it feels overwhelming, you don’t always have to please everyone.
  • Don’t beat yourself up over it- Maybe you can’t afford to buy presents (and that’s totally okay too!), but you still want to give your loved ones something, don’t you? Don’t beat yourself up over it. It’s really the thought that counts, so if you want to still give, you can easily write some letters of appreciation or even a gift card. The smallest of things can really go a long way for someone.
  • Don’t overlook the person you are shopping forSometimes we tend to focus more on getting the most expensive gift so that the person will like it, and as a result we forget all about what the person will actually feel.
  • Don’t forget about yourself- Shopping can be most stressful because of all the people you feel the need to buy gifts for. However, keep in mind the most important person; yourself. Make a budget for yourself and be sure not to go over it.