TikTok at All Hours of the Clock

With over 33 million downloads, TikTok has become a very popular media platform that has risen to the top. Although many people may say that it’s a cringey app, I think otherwise. Well at first I didn’t actually. I once found myself among the several people who would claim themselves to be against TikTok. I’ll admit, I would even judge the people around me, such as my friends whenever I would see them making or posting their videos.

My obsession with TikTok began just like any other person who is now making videos on the platform. I only downloaded the app as a joke, not thinking I’ll find any pleasure in the content it provided. At first I wouldn’t go on the app very often and even almost uninstalled it at some point. However, after more and more of the people I look up to on YouTube began using it, I found myself following them and before I knew it, I couldn’t even bring myself to close the app.

I may have published a couple videos at some point,but I don’t really enjoy making them as much as others. Moreover, I definitely don’t enjoy showing my face to a bunch of strangers. People such as y cousin and best friend may do it, but I think just having downloaded the app is plenty outside my comfort zone for me. All in all, while I may enjoy the people who make content on the app, but I can guarantee that I will never make any videos of myself dancing or following along with the weird trends that go around just at an attempt to go vial and become “TikTok famous” as they say.

Sadly enough TikTok has consumed much of my life.There have been situations where I have been in the middle of conversations through text with people, and end up forgetting to reply to them because I get distracted with TikTok. There has even been a certain weekend where I accidentally found myself staying up till the sun rose all because I stayed up all night on TikTok. This is something I definitely did not do before TikTok.

The impacts TikTok has left in my life have not been very good, and that is exactly why I have decided to give myself a break from it. I don’t go on it as much as I used to (although I do still use it more than other apps) but I feel better about it as well. I would definitely not recommend people to download it unless you want to get hooked. By the way this is a joke, I do still have a life.