Fall-ing Prices

As the holidays are coming, families are trying to get a list together to figure out what they are going to get their loved ones.  These are the top 5 stores to get your significant other the presents you want.

5. Walmart-This store has decent prices on electronics specifically since their black friday deals are very cheap for many things

4.Macy’s- Macy’s has clothes that all people want, from children’s clothes to teens and adults, the prices are reasonable to give your loved ones the perfect piece of clothing.

3. Target- This store has extremely cheap prices for everything they sell. From clothes to electronics, everything is at a reasonable price and will be worth it.

2. Best Buy- All of the best electronics you want will be sold here at Best Buy.  If you want a tv, you’ll get a high quality tv here for a great deal. Gaming consoles and phones will also have great deals here as well.

1. Amazon- You can order anything you want from this great website.  Clothes, electronics, furniture, anything you can think of is sold here.