Holiday Humor

Despite November passing, there is always more rooms for jokes, here are a list of jokes:

  • There was a boy named Leaves, he always wanted a promotion but he can’t because he always falls beyond standards.
  • When comes November the nuts go stale, but when comes December 1st nuts are breaking out of shells.
  • What did the Turkey say to the Stuffing “Man I’m Full !”
  • Why did the Turkey feel bad? It got roasted.
  • Why didn’t the Turkey cross the road? Because he saw the chicken get run over.
  • Yo, you want a Sprite Cranberry?
  • Why did the TVs go missing? It was Black Friday.
  • “I want to go camping” the daughter said to the Mom. The mom said if you raised your grades up. She did as she said, and showed her progress report to her mom.  The mom was surprised and promised her they would go camping. So in the middle of the night the mom woke her up and told her daughter to get ready and pack up. The daughter was ecstatic and jumped on her bed full of energy she packed her bags and rushed to the car. She fell asleep on the car ride, but was surprised to be woken up 10 minutes later. Confused since there’s no campground within 10 miles from where they lived. She looked up and saw a yellow and blue sign, “Best Buy.”