Saving Daylight

This year on November 3rd  was the 101st end of daylight saving time and started  the beginning of “falling back”. Falling back is when we gain an extra hour in the day by setting the clocks back by an hour , the practice was first implemented in the United States in 1918 to help save on the cost of fuel. There are only two states in the US that do not  participate in this practice, Hawaii and Arizona. The days feel shorter and it gets dark sooner. Around 4:30 pm the sun starts to set and by 5:30 pm, it is completely dark outside. During this time I always feel like I get more sleep, some people can argue that they do not. I don’t understand how people can say that they do not notice that is darker earlier than usual. When I was younger I didn’t even know changes in time such as this existed I never really paid attention. Overtime I’ve wondered if things would be different without the time changes , like what time will it really be today if this was never invented ? . Children can be affected by the time change because some parents tell their children to be home before its dark, with the change in time that may mean coming home at 5pm rather than 7pm as they did in the summertime. I honestly really enjoy the time change,  I love seeing how dark it gets at just 5pm. Along with the cold weather during this time the mood is set. I relax, grab my hot chocolate and watch corny Christmas movies all before nighttime because the darkness outside makes me tired.